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“Good Puppy!” Dog Training Video Course: A Step by Step Tutorial for Raising a Puppy To Be A Calm, Happy Dog

Watch all 10 puppy-training lessons free on YouTube!
"Good Puppy!" by Jeanne Carlson, DVD Training Video“Good Puppy!” is a hands-on dog training video that can be used with puppies as young as 7 weeks old until around 6 months of age. Please do not wait until your puppy is 6 months old to begin training!

In addition to being available for purchase on DVD here, each segment is available as a YouTube video that we hope you will share with anyone else you know who has a puppy to train. This video series will make all subsequent training with your puppy much easier, and help you avoid many common dog problems later on.

The animal shelters are filled with adolescent dogs with behavior problems that could have been prevented with the early training that “Good Puppy!” teaches.

In the hour-long video (available as individual lessons on YouTube -or- by mail as a DVD), I use 10-12 puppies in actual “live action” training situations. The first 3 unique handling lessons in “Good Puppy!” teach the following:

  • Puppy Pack Leader Training – Gently and effectively teaches your pup that you are the pack leader, and that you can be trusted in that role.
  • Cuddle Training – Teaches your puppy to receive petting and touch without having to respond with nipping and mouthing. It’s crucial that you learn how to stop puppy biting attacks when they’re young!
  • Examination Training – Prepares your puppy for the veterinarian or groomer by creating a dog who is relaxed about being restrained and examined. Excellent preparation for ear or eye exams, ointment applications, nail cutting, temperature taking, wound care, etc.
  • Bite-prevention Training – Puppies who learn to trust being held still are easy to handle as adults. Puppies who have not been taught to accept restraint may grow into adult dogs who bite the vet, groomer or owner when restrained.
  • Calming Training – Puppies learn to calm down under your hands. Then any time you need to calm your pup (like at greetings, when seeing other dogs, waiting in the vets office, around cats, squirrels, children, etc.) you can use these familiar calming and restraint techniques and your pup will settle almost instantly. This can be used for the lifetime of your dog.

The rest of the DVD covers how dogs learn (showing mama dogs teaching), correct use of voice tones and hands, toys and play, crate training, housebreaking/paper training, learning to be alone, greetings and jumping up and an actual vet exam using previously taught handling techniques. These lessons are live-action, actual training situations with a variety of previously untrained pups.

Although I produced it 25 years ago, people continue to tell me this is one of the best dog training videos they’ve ever seen. This is the original video on Puppy Pack Leader Training that many other trainers have learned from. That’s why I decided to make the online clips available for free. Puppy parents desperately need this information!


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High Praise for “Good Puppy!”

The Monks of New Skete, authors of the best selling How to Be Your Dogs Best Friend, and The Art of Raising A Puppy, said that these early techniques were the missing link in puppy raising. They found this early handling so transformational when they incorporated it into their training programs, that they added a chapter to the above puppy book based entirely on the video. Their quote on the box cover says:

“Jeanne Carlson’s videotape “Good Puppy!” is an excellent introduction to learning how to raise and care for a new puppy. New owners who take the time to raise their pups following Jeanne’s ideas and exercises will lay a solid foundation for a trusting, balanced relationship with their dog.”

Excellent reviews have been received from newspapers, libraries and dog magazines:

From Deborah Lawson, Pet Editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer:
“Trainer Jeanne Carlson has a gentle yet authoritative manner that will give confidence to even the most inexperienced dog owner.”

From Edi Munneke, Obedience Editor, Dog World Magazine:
“It would be wonderful if such a tape could accompany each puppy to it’s new home.”

From The Video Rating Guide for Libraries: ….. A 5 star rating!!
“Excellent: Exceptionally fine production. Superior in every respect. A ‘Must Have’ for all libraries.”

And from breeders, trainers, groomers and vets come compliments such as these for “Good Puppy!”

From G. Foltz; Darlisle, PA; *Airedale breeder:
“Your tape is wonderful, I’m going to suggest it to all my puppy customers.”

From G. Alenick; Tacoma, Wa; Obedience Instructor:
“I very much enjoyed your video. Your “way” with animals is obvious and your presentation excellent.”

From E. Teberg DVM, Veterinarian:
“I think it is excellent and think it should be a requirement for any new puppy owner.”

From J. Koch; Sitka, AK; Groomer:
“…and really liked it a lot. I’m a dog groomer in town and have a lot of clients that could benefit from watching this good puppy tape.”

From Dr. Don Canfield, Seattle, Wa. Veterinarian
“At last!” A program that works! “Good Puppy!” is required viewing for all my clients with new puppies.”

The best praise comes from the new puppy owners themselves who have written to me. I have a stack of letters like this!

A. Rothbert; Oceanside, NY:
“I found yours incredibly helpful. No other video even addressed how to calm a puppy which is essential for any training.”

P. Wessling; Garner, IO:
“…how much we liked your first tape. It really does work wonders!”

J. Welborn; Swarthmore, PA:
“It was so helpful to see you act out the directions….all members of the family have been trained.”

C. Hayduke, Woodinville, WA:
“Thanks – We really loved the video – it really helps the children.”

P. Wessling, Garner, IOWA:
“I did want to tell you how much we liked you first tape. It really does work wonders….”

Linda Hodge, Bellingham Public Library, WA:
“Our library owns your video and it has been extremely popular with our borrowers. We’ve had several requests to get more of your work.”

A. Fray, Westchester, PA:
“I really enjoyed the tape – well done and quite helpful.”

M. Pasco, Butte MT:
“Loved your video, only wished I had it sooner. It surely gives helpful ways to enjoy a good dog. …”

J. Welbox, Swarthmore, PA:
“It is so helpful to see you act out the directions and that consistency can prevail because all members of the family have been trained.”

M. DeVenero, Toms River, NJ:
“I just watched your video. It is about time someone shows you a simple and effective way to train your puppy. “.

K. Gott, Tempe, AZ:
“We bought Jeanne’s “Good Puppy!” video and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Nadim El Said, Saudi Arabia:
“I recently purchased a copy of the “Good Puppy!” video and found it to be excellent.”

J. Fredericks, MD:
“Enjoyed your video. “Good Puppy!” so very very much…”

G. Foltz, Carlisle, PA (airedale breeder):
“Your tape is wonderful. I am going to suggest it to all my new puppy customers.”

J. Wilton, Spokane, WA:
“It is most helpful especially the lessons on calming the pup and the biting and nipping.”

J. Koch, Sitka, AK:
“Saw your ‘Good Puppy!’ tape and really liked it. I am a dog groomer in town and have a lot of clients that could benefit from watching this good puppy tape. It would make it so much easier for me and my job.”

J. Gormally, Wallingford PA:
“Your first tape is excellent, and I am sorry your second one is not available!”.

D. King, Davenport, FL:
“I received your Good Puppy! video. I have been training my 13 week old puppy using your video. My puppy responds very well to me because of the video.”

G. Alenick, Tacoma, WA (obedience instructor):
“I very much enjoyed your first video. Your way with dogs is obvious and your presentation excellent.”