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Jeanne Carlson
Jeanne Carlson

GoodPuppyDog.com features Jeanne Carlson, a Bellingham, Washington, dog trainer, with 30 years experience doing private in-home dog obedience training, puppy training, and dog training phone consultations on dog behavior and dog problems. Jeanne is author of the book Good Dogs, Bad Habits  and the creator of the classic puppy training video “Good Puppy!” [featured in The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skeet (Chapter 14, Lessons from the Pack, was taken directly off Jeanne’s video)]. What makes Jeanne Carlson unique as a dog trainer? It’s her holistic approach to all facets of puppy raising, dog obedience training, and problem prevention and solving. A great deal of emphasis is placed on assessing and meeting your dog’s unique needs, and teaching you and your dog to work as a team, utilizing:

  • obedience training
  • play
  • calming techniques

About Her Book and Video Her widely read book Good Dogs, Bad Habits provides step-by-step instructions and on-the-spot solutions to your dog’s bad habits, as well as explaining how to meet your dogs needs. Also available from Jeanne is “Good Puppy!”, a very well respected puppy training video useful for pups from 7 weeks to 5 months old, which many puppy owners swear totally improved their interactions with their pups. Order the dog training book through Amazon:

The “Good Puppy!” video will make all subsequent training with your puppy much easier and help you avoid many common problems later on.  Each segment of “Good Puppy!” is  available for viewing on YouTube and on this website. We hope you will share it with anyone else you know who has a puppy to train.

Phone Consultations

Are you in the middle of a crisis with your new puppy? Having trouble with your dog’s poor behavior? Jeanne also provides phone consultations for immediate answers to your baffling problems.

Available In Bellingham

After serving the Seattle area for 20 years doing in-home training, Jeanne moved her business back to Bellingham 10 years ago, where she has been helping Bellingham dogs and their people live happier lives. You may have seen her training and socializing dogs at Fairhaven, Boulevard Park, Lake Padden, the marina, and other locations around town.

A Personal Message from Jeanne

I am a dog trainer, people teacher and DOG LOVER and I specialize in teaching a humane approach to puppy raising, dog training and problem solving. I believe our job is to make sure we meet our dogs needs, and to teach them how to live in harmony with us. I bring this philosophy to my practical phone consultations and in-home training sessions.

I have lived and breathed dogs for most of my 65 years, and my respect and admiration for them never ceases. Indeed, the dedication in my book, Good Dogs, Bad Habits reads:

“This book is dedicated to all the dogs who continue to share our hearts with us, in spite of our strange human ways.”

I had a business in Seattle for 20 years as an in-home dog trainer. Now my in-home dog training services are available only in the Bellingham, Washington area. My gift is to help people and their dogs learn to communicate kindly and trustingly with each other and to create a wonderful bond filled with mutual cooperation, respect, love, fun, and joy.

Prior to my training business, I was breeding and showing dogs in conformation and obedience. I am no longer interested in the competitive aspects of the dog world, but can give you a good foundation if you decide to compete.  My focus is to help people have a fun, safe, relaxed quality connection with their dog. I currently live on an island near Bellingham, with a little herd of dairy goats  and my lovely dog.

 Contact Jeanne

Jeanne Carlson is committed to creating a healthy, happy relationship and environment for you and your dog. Contact her to schedule a consultation or get more information.