Testimonials for Jeanne’s Work with Dogs

3 Decades of Praise from Dog Owners

Jeanne took my 2 ½ pound barking, wiggling mayhem and turned her into a beautiful show dog! My little Maltese pupEllie was just 4 months old when I got her,  and Jeanne began working with  us, training her for the show ring. Ellie became a master at baiting, gaiting, and standing for examination, and quickly earned her title as “American and Canadian Champion Angel’s Hot Rumour Has It”. Jeanne has a gift, “a way with dogs”. It takes skill to train a show dog; it takes heart to train a show dog that is happy and joyful in the ring. Licks and kisses to Jeanne, and a big thank you for all your help!

Jeanne also helped us potty train our little pup.  Every week, Jeanne would assess how Ellie was doing in her potty training and we’d move to the next step.  Jeanne said this training would take several months or more to accomplish, but the end result would be a well house trained dog and she was right! Ellie is allowed free run in our large home now, and is impeccably trained

She also worked on socializing my little dog,  greeting other dogs and people. I was instructed to always assume other dogs may not be well mannered and take care to keep mine from harm, even if it meant scooping Ellie up at a moment’s notice, smiling, and simply walking by other dogs and owners if necessary. After all, it is my job to keep my little dog safe. She now weighs a whopping 5 and ½ pounds, and she can only play with dogs her size or she will be injured.

Likewise, Jeanne early on instructed me to get appropriate sized steps for climbing up onto the bed or sofa, as toy breeds’ knees and backs are very delicate and easily injured. There is no jumping on or off furniture in our house!  Not only did this advice save my dog from injury, it saved me thousands of dollars in orthopedic surgery.

When I ran stuck and just didn’t know what to do, it was nice to be able to give Jeanne a phone call and get an immediate answer to my question. Sometimes it is just not practical to wait for an appointment. I phoned her many many times and always received the advice and help I needed.

If you want a dog that is a pleasure and a friend, then work with a trainer who is a pleasure and a friend!! I would highly recommend Jeanne… both you and your dog will very much enjoy working with her. You will appreciate her gift and it will be well worth the results!

–Kathy Bogencamp, and Ellie,  Bellingham,  Wa (2015)


Jeanne has helped us understand our dogs for years! From a scrappy little herding street pup who snarled if you took his bone, to a sweet shepherd mix who wouldn’t get in the car, to a bossy dominant pit bull mix who needed some clear communication. Jeanne’s wisdom and innate sense about dogs is very clear, and she explains very clearly why they may act the way they do and how we can act better! We’ve done weekly lessons with her, immersion weekend workshops, and telephone conferences. All of them extremely effective and reassuring. I’ve worked with dogs for 18 years as a dog photographer and understand them on that level, but having known Jeanne has enriched my experience with everything dog. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to have a more meaningful relationship with their pal.

–Rudy, Benny, Eddie, Snookie and the two-leggeds, Sparks/Hayes, Seattle, Wa (2014)

I would highly recommend Jeanne Carlson for your dog. She has years of experience but more importantly has great insight into the dogs behavior and attitude. She can pick up on the smallest detail! Our dog Duff was a stray from another country and had issues such as dominance and independence that we could not straighten out by ourselves. The one on one private home training that Jeanne provides, is invaluable. It really is all about training the owners to interact properly and give clear signals to their dog which Jeanne can help you accomplish. It certainly has made a difference to our dog Duff.

–Cynthia Johnson, Bellingham Wa (2014)

Three years ago, our (then one year old) Standard poodle, Kaiser, had some behavioral issues that both my husband and I could not control. We were at a loss about what to do about his aggressive actions. It got to the point where I could not and did not want to play with him for fear of him getting too aggressive in his play. Then … Jeanne to the rescue!

Through online searches, we found Jeanne. I ordered her book and DVD to get a sense of her and her teaching. We had previously  tried other trainers and while they were okay, it did not feel like they had or carried the deep understanding of dog behaviors that we felt Jeanne had after our first session with her. Whereas a session with other trainers left us unsure if Kaiser’s behavior could be managed, Jeanne left us with confidence because she had Kaiser under control within moments of walking through our door!

But it goes beyond managing a dog’s behavior. Jeanne, through her patience, humor and straight forwardness – explained why the behaviors occur and what the possible triggers are.  This helped us to understand Kaiser and his behaviors a lot better. Happily, his aggressive behavior has diminished greatly!

Since then, we have had Jeanne over for more sessions and have had her work with our second poodle, Willow. We introduced Jeanne to Willow when she was eight weeks old and again, Jeanne offered us insights into what we could do better to allow Willow to develop in a positive way.

Sure, there are many basic things covered in puppy books. But what a puppy/dog care book won’t give you are personal insights that are catered to an individual dog- your dog! That is because Jeanne is able to assess a dog’s personality fairly quickly and correctly – and will direct the instruction such so that the dog(s) and the owners gain maximum potential from the lessons.

Jeanne’s style of training is very relaxed and very hands on. She makes the lessons fun for the dogs – as it is interesting and engaging for them. Our poodles love Jeanne – especially Kaiser. He is completely comfortable with her and trusts Jeanne implicitly. Kaiser is a poodle where one can easily read his body language to determine if he likes someone or not. In Jeanne’s case – he especially loves her!

We sincerely hope that anyone reading these testimonials would consider contacting Jeanne to work with your beloved animal(s). They and you deserve quality training and Jeanne is the one that has it!

—Agnes and Barry, Lynden, Wa (2014)

 I called Jeanne for help with my hyper Siberian Husky puppy in early summer 2010. Initially, I called Jeanne because I saw that she too had a Siberian Husky and I thought she would really understand my problems with my puppy. She made it very convenient for me, coming to my house when it best suited my needs. When she arrived, I gave her a long list of gripes and she addressed ALL of them. She did something that you just don’t get in the dog classes. She worked directly with my puppy and trained him and then showed me, coached me on how to keep it up. My dog learned very quickly with Jeanne, most things only taking minutes to learn.

The lesson time went quickly as I enjoyed Jeanne’s company and I found her to have a great sense of humor and had an immeasurable knowledge of dogs and puppies. I found it particularly funny when she would tell me what the dog was thinking when he did a particular behavior. She helped me to understand my puppy’s behaviors and that in itself made it easier to deal with them.

She gave me very specific training strategies to practice and helped me understand the importance of exercise, voice tone, body language and her ‘calming touch.’ Jeanne showed me how to use things that were lying around the house to keep my puppy busy. After the first lesson, I saw a dramatic change in the relationship I had with my puppy. It was no longer work, but fun. The reason you get a dog in the first place, to have fun! Jeanne also gave me a lot of information on feeding and other health concerns that I had.

Bella, Jeanne’s Siberian came to one lesson to show our puppy the ropes and be a distaction. It is always great to see the trainers dog in action and see how well the trainer and her dog are bonded. After a few lessons, my puppy was doing so well that Jeanne invited us to be the ‘distraction’ at a German Shepard puppy’s lesson. There I saw that Jeanne has a great knowledge of all breeds, not just Sibes.

In closing I would like to give Jeanne my unconditional recommendation. I believe she is more than a dog trainer, she is THE dog trainer.

— Valerie Suggs and Frank the Siberian and family, Ferndale, WA (2010)

We would like to thank you for your time spent helping us integrate our new miniature schnauzer puppy (Maxwell) into our household. Your efforts to introduce our 10 year old miniature schnauzer (Mattie) were very successful and in no time they became the best buds, just as we had hoped for!

— The Kelly & Mullins Family, Ferndale, WA (2010)

We are raising our first puppy, a yellow lab, who at 1 1/2 yrs. old started lunging at strangers, skateboards, bicycles, baby strollers, and children. We called Jeanne, who listened very carefully on the phone, asked specific questions, and came to our house. We were intrigued by her calm demeanor, her incredible perception and her immediate connection with our dog. Miss Dog listened to and obeyed Jeanne, showing us how we needed to work on her anxieties and calm her so she could hear and respond to commands. Thanks to Jeanne, we are no longer afraid to walk the dog!   We’ve been to dog training previously and can honestly state that Jeanne is THE BEST!

— R. & D. Clevenger, Bellingham WA (2010)

My husband and I asked Jeanne to come to our house and help us with our two dogs who are both four years old. After just one lesson, both our dogs are more obedient and I can actually walk both of them at the same time now without assistance! That truly improves the quality of all our lives since I can walk them when I get home from work (my husband doesn’t arrive home til much later). They are happier dogs because of it!

— K. Maypole, Ferndale (2010)

We are writing this letter as an enthusiastic recommendation for our dog trainer Jeanne Carlson…. Jeanne has been a true godsend for us. With her guidance [Gomez, a 6 month old pointer-lab stray] has learned to behave himself in many different types of real world situations.

Whenever a new problem arises, Jeanne invariably has a truly creative and insightful approach to solving them…. We have also learned about nutrition, about the importance of having regular canine playmates, and a plethora of tips on correcting small problem behaviors from scratching at doors to humping house guests….

We cannot adequately express how thankful we are to have found Jeanne. Literally not a day goes by that we are not amazed (and proud) at what a good dog Gomez is.

— William Linser and Karen Sommer, Seattle (1999)

Jeanne Carlson is the best; her wisdom-teachings for both dog and dog owner are deeply rooted in fairness and nature. A true pleasure.

— Linda Gerrard, Seattle (2001)

Jeanne’s insights into dogs’ minds and behavior is great. She intuitively understands what a dog is experiencing and she is able to explain clearly her understanding to the dog’s people. This is the basis for her approach to dog training…. I have consulted with Jeanne many times, and have referred numerous people to her and they all tell me how much they enjoy working with her. Our dog adores Jeanne. I feel fortunate to have Jeanne Carlson as a resource for our dog and for us.

— Claire Foote, ARNP, MN Seattle (2000)

From personal experience I highly recommend Jeanne Carlson for dog training. Her approach and methods are well developed, up to date and effective. Her instructions for owners are consistent, easy to follow and have been proven to work. My dog Henry and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

— John Benjamin (and Henry too!), Seattle (1999)

ALERT-To All Dog Owners, Please be advised I (and my dog Andy) were very fortunate to meet Ms. Jeanne Carlson-Dog Trainer Extraordinaire several months ago. My Jack Russell “took” to Jeanne immediately – he acted like he’d known her for years. He immediately started listening to her and minding her. I couldn’t believe it – because he had been pretty much out of control for me for 3 years.

Jeanne was fabulous. I recommend Jeanne Carlson (“Dog Whisperer”) highly.

— Stephanie Johnston, Seattle (1999)

We have been dog owners all our lives but our little pound pup was outsmarting us at every turn. We called Jeanne Carlson with some trepidation, but from the moment she arrived our fears were allayed. Maynard was sitting up and taking notice with a few simple changes in his handling. In addition, Jeanne was giving us a many small tips that made a world of difference with our ‘mouthy’ dog.

The time we spent with her was business-like and filled with information, but very comfortable. I particularly appreciate the respect she shows for the animal. Her help far exceeded my expectations and we both feel much more confident that we are doing the right things for our dog. In addition we have purchased her book, which has been a great reference. I wish I had done some work with Jeanne with each of our previous dogs and happily recommend her to anyone.

— Jan Christiansen Nalder, Seattle (1999)

My wife and I have a yellow lab named Gede. I am convinced that most of the reason that she is so wonderful, well-behaved, mild tempered and calm is thanks to the almost miraculous behavioral training she had with Jeanne Carlson. No matter what the problem, all we had to do was describe it to Jeanne and she came up with a perfect training technique that cured the problem in a matter of minutes.

We now have a new baby and we understand more then ever how Jeanne’s training played a crucial role in helping Gede adjust to the new baby. Janis and I would heartily recommend (and we have to all we meet) Jeanne’s services to anyone…. Jeanne will turn your life from misery to sheer joy as you’re able to enjoy your pet, rather then waiting for him or her to get into terrible mischief.

— Richard Silverstein, Seattle (2001)

When Jeanne asked us to write a letter of reference we were only to happy to comply…. Our dog, Max, had become a severe trial for us…. We learned an enormous amount that first day…. We’ve just finished our 6th lesson and Max has progressed from a wild man to a pleasant puppy, who while far from perfect, has learned to sit, heel, lie down, stay out of the kitchen on command, stop lunging and growling at joggers, bicycles, and pedestrians, and stop pulling the baby’s socks off.

Without Jeanne’s training we’d be a dog-less family. With it we’ve established a strong foundation for training a happy well mannered and well liked dog. We enthusiastically recommend Jeanne’s training, and if Max could speak our language I’m sure he’d do the same.

— Terry Pottmeyer, Bellingham (1985)

This letter is to recommend Jeanne Carlson as an excellent dog trainer. We became owners of a paranoid blue heeler 1 year old. He had been abused and would bite strangers in the house often…. Benny’s behavior after beginning lessons with Jeanne Carlson improved tremendously. He stopped biting and began to trust other people and learned obedience very quickly…. Jeanne Carlson’s understanding of dog behavior is very keen…. She really knows how and what to do.

— Mrs. Joan Vander Pol, Lynden (1985)

This is to recommend Jeanne in training dogs. She is thorough and skillful and is patient and loving, not only with the dog but also with the owner. I have a very high spirited Samoyed and she took all the time necessary to teach River and I what we needed to have a well behaved dog and master. She will also take us through a refresher course any time that is needed.

— Florence Paquette, Custer (1983)

I am very pleased with the training we received from Jeanne and I am convinced that our particular problem could not have been corrected in a class. When I began training with Jeanne I had an overly friendly six month old Dalmatian puppy who jumped on, scared and often knocked down little children and animals. Although we had attended obedience school, his misdirected attempts at “playing” had banned him from family activities….

We are now able to include our dog in many family activities and one night this week he actually sat down beside the cat!!!

— Sheryl Bryant, Bellingham (1982)

Jeanne Carlson trained my year old Dobie as well as myself to handle her properly. Jeanne is an exceptional trainer with dogs, kind but very effective. We covered all aspects of training in the eight weeks course, from heeling to downtown obedience. Jeanne was prompt and kept her appointments. I would recommend her highly as an expert in loving and kind but firm obedience training.

— Donna Pullman, Ferndale (1981)

I, Mabel Minor, age 78, am a very surprised, happy & elated woman over the behavior of my 10 month old very spoiled puppy. The reason telling my age is that being a recent widow, I had ample time and spent many hours spoiling my “Mark.” Not only was Mark in training, but I was also. Last evening guests came. Their remarks pleased me and I felt the fee asked was truly rewarding when my friends remarked, “My Gosh, he’s 100% better behaved when we first knew him.”

Jeanne Carlson, very friendly, courteous, and very conscientious in her training was well worth the time and money involved.

— Mabel Minor, Lynden (1982)

Last year we had Jeanne Carlson show my husband and I how to train our two puppies. One was an American Staffordshire at three months and the other a boxer at six months. It proved to be very rewarding…. We were not familiar at the time with the praise method of teaching dogs, which is what Jeanne showed us…. It was a much a learning process for us as for the dogs…. Now almost a year later we are using the same methods to accomplish the right responses from the dogs and are very pleased with how it worked out. Jeanne was very helpful with questions that didn’t come up in the training sessions also. All in all we found Jeanne to be a very competent and helpful trainer.

— John and Barb McKinley, Bellingham (1982)

Your lessons were well worth it. After the very first lesson, I could take my dogs for their walks, instead of the dogs taking me…. They pay attention to me, know their commands, and respect the word ‘No’. Because my dogs were older when I got them, I know they had already developed a lot of bad habits. Thanks to you, I have learned how to handle them. You have taught us a lot and I’ll keep working with them the way you have showed me. Many thanks.

— Shirley Paulson, Bellingham (1982)

In reference to the dog training of Miss Jeanne Carlson, with our family, I can only hope I can express the magic transpired in a short letter. We could not be more satisfied and she was faced with practically all the handicaps there are in animal training. We had a spoiled, head strong, bright, strong ‘for his size’ terrier, with a three year run of the household and two middle aged adults, ill and ignorant of training methods.

At our first meeting we were unbelievably impressed by the working relationship between the four of us, my husband, myself, Clancy and Miss Carlson. It was begun with a gentle caring firmness that gave us so much confidence…and we felt free to ask questions and suggestions on how to handle the many problems experienced before.

I must make a very important statement here, it was not a black or white training program, but suggestions to try several different ways to suit our needs and Clancy’s…. There were many problems, plus car training, social training, downtown. This was unbelievably accomplished in only three lessons, over a 2 & 1/2 week period. We needed quick results because we were very ill.

We never felt we would lose the love of our dear pet, but to the contrary gained the respect and control that should have been all the time. It was a tender and loving experience. I must express again the choices given to suit our personal needs and Clancy’s. I could not be happier with the situation…. It has been so helpful, unbelievably so.

— Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Anderson, Bellingham (1982)

Before Jeanne Carlson trained Heidi and us, she was the most obnoxious, hyperactive dog I had ever seen. She wouldn’t mind at all. We couldn’t take her for a walk, if we had company we had to put her out, she went wild when the doorbell rang. It was a love-hate relationship and we just couldn’t put up with her any longer. We were trying to find someone to give her to. Obedience training was her last chance.

I had tried to train Heidi but couldn’t get anywhere with her. I was amazed at how quickly she responded to Jeanne. Within a minute or two of the time Jeanne walked in the door she had Heidi listening to her…. She taught us the right way to handle her, and showed us the things we were doing that confused Heidi.

Jeanne not only taught Heidi all the basic commands, but taught her patiently, firmly and kindly. Heidi is now very anxious to please us. This is a complete turn around. Any special problems with Heidi, she taught us how to correct. She taught us to understand Heidi and to watch her eyes. It’s almost like we can read her mind. She is now a calm, quite well mannered dog. We really enjoy her.

— Maureen Vander Heiden, Bellingham (1982)