In-Home Dog Training in Bellingham, WA area

Because training is safer and more convenient in your dog’s own home!

My In-Home Dog Obedience Training is available in the Bellingham, Whatcom County, WA area by appointment. Contact me to find out if you’re in my service area.

If you’re not in the areas I travel to, don’t despair, I’m only a phone call away! Learn more about my dog coaching services by phone.

Why is my in-home program so successful?
I’ve been in thousands of pet owners’ homes over the past 30 years and can quickly assess what will work best for you and your dog. One-on-one dog training allows me total understanding of how you and your dog communicate. My at-home dog training program is tailored to your dog, your home, your situation, and you and your dog’s needs!

Border Terriers learning in their home

Instead of bringing your dog to the trainer, let the trainer come to you! Private dog training lessons are the kindest and most effective way for both you and your dog to learn. It’s easy for both of you to concentrate because there are no distractions from other dogs, such as in a class.

Watch your dog transform before your eyes: Folks are always amazed at how responsive their dogs are to me, and how quickly they learn. Private lessons are fun and relaxing. I will turn your relationship with your dog into a wondrous, nourishing experience that will deepen over time.

Those special moments

Sometimes only 1 or 2 lessons are needed to transform your dog.

Yes, that’s true! Sometimes only 1 or 2 lessons are needed to get you and your dog back on track. I can come to your home for a single visit, or for a full course. How quickly you progress depends on each individual situation. I can see you as frequently as you like, whether for beginning or advanced dog training. Some people want me to move in!

What Does My Dog Training Program Cover?

All facets of life with your dog!

Obedience training: Coming when called, heeling, walking on a slack leash with no pulling, sitting, staying, laying down and standing for examination. On and off leash.

Attentive dogs learning Sit-Stay (Shiloh Shepherds)

Housebreaking: All ages, sizes, breeds, living situations. Also covers organizing your home and feeding schedules, preventing accidents and handling mistakes.

Problem solving: Baffling and annoying dog behavior problems are explained and turned into good habits. Problem barking, jumping up, nipping, chasing the cat, playing keep away, chewing, upset at being left alone, digging, pulling on the leash, and many more can all be helped.

Socialization: Teach your dog to calmly greet new people and other dogs, in any situation, and to be responsive to your commands wherever you are. We practice obedience training in your neighborhood, at the park and in stores, around other dogs, kids, bicycles, joggers, crowded streets, livestock, etc.

Patiently waiting in the bank
Patiently waiting in the bank (Doberman)

Calming training: Your dog learns how to settle down under your calming hands, anywhere, anytime. This speeds along the training process tremendously and your dog LOVES it. Dogs of any age respond to the Calming Training. It’s especially useful for puppies. Watch my “Good Puppy!” video for more info on this.

Pharoah fixed 926.1
Calming training in action (Shiloh Shepherd pup)

Play and fun: Learn safe and fun ways to play with your dog and how to incorporate play and toys into your training and daily life.

IMG_2389.JPG - Version 2
Training can be fun! (Yellow Lab)

Family involvement: Everyone in your family participates in the training sessions and everyone learns to work as a team.

# 2  -ball-dog-kid.
Learning not to leap at the ball and child (Chocolate Lab)

Show Dog Training: Prepare your dog for being shown in conformation classes at dog shows.

Showing in 1976
Showing in 1976, Jeanne & her Dobie

Why hire a private pet trainer?

Because learning is accelerated with a personal dog coach!

Every dog is unique: I can determine which training approach/methods to use with your individual dog, and based on how your dog is reacting, change my approach/methods from moment to moment, as opposed to a class, where “one size fits all”.

Class vs. Private training: The beauty of at-home dog training means that both you and your dog will have my undivided attention, assuring that every interaction is a positive learning experience. A class can be valuable to attend after you’ve learned the basics.

New puppy: Time is of the essence if you need to learn how to train a puppy! As you may know, new puppies should not attend a class until their vaccinations are complete. Get a head start on learning valuable lessons as soon as your pup comes home.

Conflicting approaches: Often everyone in the household has a different philosophy and approach, and everyone, especially your dog, is confused. You need a dog coach who’s also good with humans and who can get the whole family working together.

Multiple-dog households: I can work with all the dogs in the household, and also make suggestions on creating harmony between them.

The Whole Family Participates: In-home dog obedience training allows your kids to take part in the training too! images

When and How to Train Your Puppy

My Puppy Pack Leader Training works miracles with puppies. It is a gentle and effective way to teach your puppy to respect you, trust you and listen to you. It sets the whole tone of your relationship with your pup for the rest of your lives together. It can be started at 7 weeks.

Puppy Pack Leader Training is the best way to teach puppies not to mouth and nip, and to be trusting of being examined by a veterinarian or groomer. And the puppies LOVE the training.

It simply works miracles” say all the pup owners I’ve worked with over the last 30 years.

Stop puppy nipping and biting NOW!  Prevent your pup from turning into an adult dog who bites. Get your pup off to a good start with my Good Puppy training video series and in-home lessons.

Puppy obedience training can be started as early as 7 weeks as well. Getting puppies off to the right start is crucial. Teaching good behavior early will prevent problems later on. Establishing trust and respect from the start makes all other learning easy.

Why in-home puppy training is better.

At a puppy class, it’s one style of training for all. Yet all puppies are different. Some are bold and defiant, others are softer in temperament. Some weigh 3 lbs and some weigh in at 25 lbs! I can show you the best approach and training techniques for your unique pup. You will gain confidence and puppy training skills as your pup learns to trust and respect you, to listen to you, to be gentle, and to always come when you call, along with many other important lessons.

What Will Your Dog Think of Me?

They don’t want me to leave!

Your dog will be grateful that help has arrived! Dogs are often visibly relieved to find out that I “speak dog”, and know what they are thinking and feeling. Or sometimes it’s “uh oh…the scam is up, the trainer has my number!” Either way, they love the positive attention, guidance and help learning how to please us humans.

Socializing Out on the Town

When your pup/dog is ready to train beyond your home, which can occur as early as the first lesson, we take your private dog training lessons outside to meet kids, adults, other dogs, bicyclers, joggers, strollers – so they will be calm and safe out in the world. We practice in your neighborhood and at various parks and locations in Whatcom County. Your pup will learn manners in your car, in your boat, around livestock, etc. We also go inside dog-friendly stores so you can take your dog shopping if you want!

Down stay in a store
Shopping !
Practicing at Blvd Park
Practicing at Blvd Park (Cattle dogs)
Shopping in Village Books
Browsing in Village Books (Labradoodle)
Jeanne helps a dog and child greet one another safely and comfortably.
Helping dog and child greet safely
Having fun at the beach

The Pet Trainer Who Can Start Without You!

I can work with your dog, at your home and out in the world, while you are busy with other things. When your pup is trained, I teach you my training methods so you can help him keep up the good work! You’ll also be able to reinforce what you learn by watching my puppy training video series. (If you’re a client, you also get the full-length video sold here on DVD! Or watch the individual chapters on YouTube, your choice.)