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bookGood Dogs, Bad Habits: The Complete A-Z Guide for Solving Your Dog’s Behavior Problems
by Jeanne Carlson (with Ranny Green)
Published by Fireside (Simon & Schuster) ©1995 ISBN 0-671-87077-7 (Soon to be released as an ebook online! Stay tuned to this page for the link.)

“I love my dog, but he chews on everything, jumps on my friends, barks at my neighbors, tears up my yard, and chases my cat. When I try to walk him, he drags me down the street like I’m a sled!”

Sound familiar? Wondering how to trade your dog’s bad habits for good habits? Then you need this excellent dog training guide: Good Dogs, Bad Habits. These and other common behavior problems can drive even the most caring and patient dog owner crazy. Many customers have told me that Good Dogs, Bad Habits is one of the best dog training books they’ve ever bought. It gives you the insights and tools necessary to help your dog learn better habits.

Jeanne Carlson literally wrote the book on dog training. Her straightforward advice, step-by-step instructions, and on-the-spot solutions will eliminate your dog’s behavior problems–not just for the moment, but forever.

Incorporated into her creative dog training process are Jeanne’s innovative calming techniques and other unique methods that guarantee success. Using a quick A-to-Z format, the book provides solutions for such behavior problems as:

  • How to potty train a dog
  • How to train a dog not to bark
  • How to leash train a dog
  • How to stop your dog from destroying your shoes, furniture or yard
  • What to do if your dog is shy, nervous, or overly excitable
  • How to crate train a dog
  • How to stop a puppy from biting
  • How to help your children and dog get along better, and
  • Much, much more!

So, if you’re in search of books on dog training, get hold of this must-have compendium of excellent advice and watch your dog become the happiest, most mannerly, and best-behaved furry friend ever. Good Dogs, Bad Habits is still available from Over 75,000 people have purchased this book, and it has been translated into Dutch, Czech, and Japanese!